3 Reasons To Schedule Regular Servicing On Commercial Laundry Machines

9 May 2023
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You might not see the need to pay for regular services on your laundromat machines if they work well right now. However, servicing has some benefits you shouldn't ignore. Why should you schedule regular inspections?

1. Keep Your Customers Happy 

Laundromat customers have specific expectations. They expect your machines to wash and dry their clothes effectively. They don't want to wait to use a machine when they want to do their laundry.

If you don't service your machines regularly, then you can't always meet these expectations. You could lose customers and money.

For example, if your machines break down because you haven't maintained them, then people might go to another laundromat. If you can't deliver fast results, they'll do their laundry somewhere else. They might not come back.

Or, if your machines don't wash or dry efficiently, then people won't be happy with their results. A  washer with filter problems can make clothes smell musty even after a wash; a dryer with internal problems might take longer to dry clothes. Your customers could leave to look for a better service.

If you service your machines regularly, then you shouldn't have these problems. Machines will be less likely to break down. They'll do their jobs more efficiently. Your customers will be happier.

2. Reduce Potential Repair Costs

Unserviced laundry machines are an accident waiting to happen. Minor problems like blocked filters in a washer can put enough stress on other parts to damage them. Lint problems in dryers can actually cause fires that can damage a machine and your laundromat.

If you ignore small problems, then your machines are more likely to develop bigger ones. Your repair costs will be higher.

During a service, a qualified technician checks a machine and all its parts. They do minor jobs such as replacing filters and cleaning parts. They can spot and replace failing or worn parts before they can cause more damage that costs more to repair.

3. Make Your Machines Last Longer

If you've purchased your own laundromat machines, then you already know that these machines are expensive. You expect them to last for a long time and to pay for themselves in the income they create.

If you don't take care of your machines regularly, then you could shorten their working life. For example, if you don't spot problems with a motor early on, then the motor could burn out and damage other parts. If you have regular high repair costs or damage that becomes unfixable, then you might have to buy a new machine.

Regular servicing keeps your machines in good shape. They will operate under optimal conditions and will last longer.

To get started, contact commercial laundry machine servicing specialists today.