Helpful Precautions When Buying Replacement Shelves For A Refrigerator

17 January 2020
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At some point while owning a refrigerator, some of the parts may break down. This can happen a lot with the shelves. If you're having to buy more because some of them are in poor shape, take these precautions for a smooth transaction. 

Choose the Right Model

It should be noted that not all shelving systems will fit in every refrigerator. These shelves vary quite a bit in size and shape, in fact. Thus, it's important you really take some time to find an optimal model so that there aren't any installation issues later on.

The best way to approach this is to find out your refrigerator's make and model number. You can then find out what shelves will fit on the interior. Alternatively, you can simply take measurements of the current shelves in your refrigerator. Just make sure you get the sizing confirmation before purchasing. 

Look For Durable Construction

Since you're having to replace some of your refrigerator's shelves, you probably don't want to have to repeat this investment any time soon. This will require you to look for refrigerator shelves that have a durable construction.

Often, this is based on the material. Thick plastic is typically one of the best options as far as durability goes. The thicker the plastic, the less likely it will be to break. Thicker plastic shelves also can support a lot of weight at one time, which is certainly a convenient feature if you tend to pack your refrigerator full of foods and drinks.

Get a Warranty

So that you can feel good about whatever shelves you purchase for your refrigerator, consider getting a warranty. You will likely have to pay extra for one, but at least it gives you a guarantee. If the refrigerator shelves don't hold up like they're supposed to, you can have them replaced or repaired free of charge. 

Warranties give you added assurance, which is sometimes needed if you're not sure what brand or type of shelving is ideal for your refrigerator. Make sure that you save the paperwork on this warranty, though. You may need it to prove that you're not obligated to pay for problems that the shelves might experience. 

The shelves in your refrigerator are some of the most important components inside. If you need to buy a replacement set, make sure you take your time assessing key details. With the right preparations, the shelves you purchase should end up working out perfectly. 

To learn more, contact a refrigeration parts supplier.