Buying Guide For Refrigerator Door Hinge Parts

18 January 2021
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An integral component of any refrigerator is the hinge system. It's what enables the doors to open and close effectively. If you're having to buy some of these hinges because your current set is damaged, use this buying guide.

Review Material Options

You can find hinges for refrigerator doors made out of a lot of materials. Reviewing every option is the best way to understand what characteristics each one has, and then you can make a good selection.

You might have materials like brass, stainless steel, and steel, just to name a few. Brass is one of the more affordable options, which might be something you look for to save money. Steel is more durable and typically intended for heavy-duty refrigerator doors. 

And if you care about the aesthetics of the hinges, which material you go with may matter a lot, to keep everything cohesive.

Figure Out Ideal Hinge Amount

Once you figure out what materials the refrigerator door hinges should be made out of, you need to think about how many you'll need to order. This factor comes down to refrigerator door size and weight. The bigger these attributes are, the more hinges you'll need to ensure opening and closing operations are supported effectively.

Also, think about stocking up on refrigerator door hinges. Then the next time these hinges damage and need to be replaced, you'll already have some in stock and can replace the damaged set right away.

Don't Forget About Hinge Covers

If you want to make these hinge replacements work out even better, you might consider getting hinge covers for them. That will not only give the hinges extra protection to last longer, but it will make the refrigerator door look better visually. You can buy covers that match existing hardware around the refrigerator for the perfect aesthetics.

You'll just want to make sure you get the right size of covers so that you can effortlessly place them over the replacement hinges once they are set up appropriately on your refrigerator doors. You also want the covers to be made from durable materials like the hinges so that they hold up a long time.

It may be necessary to replace the hinges on your refrigerator doors at some point. If you're smart about how you go about finding a replacement set, there is less room for error, and that makes shopping for these parts a lot easier. 

For more information about specific refrigeration parts, like Hussmann case parts, contact a local seller.