4 Signs Your Dishwasher Needs To Be Professional Repaired

14 July 2021
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Your dishwasher makes eating at home a lot easier to handle, as you don't have to spend time hand washing all of your dishes once you are done with them. You should watch out for signs that mean your dishwasher isn't performing as it should and that it needs professional repair.

Sign #1: Water Isn't Pumping Into Your Dishwasher

When you turn on your dishwasher, you should hear water running into and moving inside of it. If you don't hear any water running, your dishes will not get clean.

Water fails to pump into your dishwasher when the sensor that tells the pump how much water is necessary to clean your dishes gets damaged. When this sensor is damaged, the pump will not work correctly, not sending enough water to the machine, or only sending erratic amounts. However, an appliance repair person could clean this sensor or replace it if it is damaged beyond repair.

Sign #2: Water Isn't Leaving Your Dishwasher

When you open up your dishwasher after it has done its job, there shouldn't be lots of water sitting inside. The water should drain out of your machine before you open it.

If there is water sitting in the bottom of your dishwasher, you may have a clogged drain line. Or the pump that removes the water from the machine may not be working correctly. Fortunately, a trained appliance repair person will be able to figure out if the pump or the drain line is the issue. If the drain is clogged, they will remove the clog. If the pump isn't working correctly, they will repair or replace the pump.

Sign #3: Water Leaking Around the Door

When you run your dishwasher, the water should stay inside the dishwasher. If the seal around the dishwasher cracks or is damaged, water will seep out around the edges of the door, particularly around the bottom of the door. If that is happening, you need an appliance repair service to come out and change the seal around your dishwasher's door.

Sign #4: Dirty Dishes

Finally, if your dishes are coming out dirty, there is something that is not working correctly. You may have a clogged drain that is keeping food particles circulating in the dishwasher. Or you may have a clogged or damaged spray arm that needs to be repaired.

If your dishes are coming out dirty, or if you are having a water-based issue with your dishwasher, it is time to call in a professional repair service to fix your machine and get it back to providing you with quick and clean dishes. Contact an appliance repair service for more information.